An International Approach

Studio Legale Tosato was founded in 1980 by Gian Luigi Tosato, practicing lawyer and professor of International Law and EU Law at the Universities of Rome “La Sapienza” and “Luiss Guido Carli”. The areas of primary expertise of the Firm are commercial law and corporate law, with a particular competency for matters with a European and international dimension.

The Firm is based in Rome and has offices in Milan. The Firm provides legal assistance to its clients across Italy, operating through an established network of experienced correspondent lawyers. Internationally, the Firm maintains strong ties with leading law firms in other jurisdictions, in order to offer first-rate legal representation throughout the world. The Firm provides legal counsel to Italian and international clients of varying dimension and with diverse needs. It has also significant experience in assisting export credit insurance companies (ECAs) of several countries (eg China, Spain, Turkey and Greece).

The distinguishing feature of the Firm is its lean and streamlined organisation. Over the years, the Firm has elected not to grow its size unnecessarily, focusing instead in providing its clients with a bespoke legal representation of the highest caliber and maintaining a competitive cost structure.

Since its foundation, one of the defining features of the Firm has been its international approach. Our lawyers possess a vast international experience through working and studying abroad. Accordingly, the Firm has a unique know-how in assisting Italian companies that wish to expand abroad, as well as aiding foreign undertakings entering the Italian market.

Over the years, the Firm has developed a strategy of creating “teams” of lawyers dedicated to professional relationships with many foreign countries including Spain and Latin-America (Spanish and Latin-American Desk, 1983), the People’s Republic of China (Chinese Desk, 2002 and the Italian Desk in Beijing and Shanghai, 2013) and Turkey (Turkish Desk, 2000).

Furthermore, the Firm has joined on a non-exclusive basis a Network of law firms based in many other countries in the world, which present characteristics similar to those of our firm (IURISGAL). The law firms that are part of the Network have considerable experience and outstanding reputation in their respective geographic areas.

Our Firm is an Associate Member of the International and Comparative Law Center, at the Center for American and International Law, Dallas, Texas (US).

In addition, the Firm is a member of:

  • International Chamber of Commerce
  • Italian Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  • Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Italy
  • Italian Arbitration Association