Lawyer, member of the Bar Association of Rome since 1976. Enabled to practice before the higher courts since 1986.

Professor Emeritus of International Law and EU Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Professor of EU Law at the University of Rome “Luiss Guido Carli”.



Graduated with honours from the Law School of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1962 (J.D.).

Visiting Scholar at Michigan University in 1973 and at Stanford University in 1974, 1975.

Professor Tosato is a highly regarded and experienced advocate with a considerable corporate and commercial practice, with a marked emphasis on European legal issues. He has extensive experience in advising Italian and international clients, and representing them in proceedings before the highest Italian and EU courts, as well as arbitration tribunals. He has also garnered a wealth of experience as both party-appointed and Chairman in arbitration proceedings. He is also a member of the Unidroit Administrative Tribunal and of the Assocarta probiviri college.

He is the founder and managing director of Studio Legale Tosato.

Member of the Italian Association of Arbitration (member of the Scientific Committee); member of the International Affairs Institute (member of the Executive Committee); former Chairman of the Commission on Computing, Telecommunications and Information Policies, ICC, Paris (1993-1996); honorary Chairman (former Chairman) of Ericsson Italia and L.M. Ericsson Foundation.


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