The Firm is involved in promoting in Italy the diffusion of the Pro Bono culture, intended as the legal activities which lawyers may voluntarily decide to carry out for free, as sole practitioners or in association, for the benefit of entities worth receiving legal support, such as non-profit organizations, or individuals who cannot afford paying for their legal assistance.

In this framework the Firm, through its lawyers, regularly participates to the Round Tables organized in Rome and Milan by PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law.

PILnet is leading the way in a global effort to build pro bono communities locally, with the aim to create in this way a global network pro bono community which connects firms and corporations as pro bono service providers with NGO and individuals in need of legal assistance, especially in human rights issues.

To this end PILnet organizes since many years Pro Bono Forums in Europe and Asia to discuss and deepen issues of current interest.

Mr. Giulio R. Ippolito has followed the works of the Forum which took place in Rome from the 11th to the 13th of November 2015. More than 350 attendees have participated to this Forum including Italian and foreign non-profit organizations, European and non-European lawyers, students and journalists.