The 2016 annual Meeting of the IURISGAL network members was held on the 3 and 4 June. IURISGAL the first and only global network of Independent Law Firms whose main spoken language is Spanish.

The Meeting was attended by over 30 lawyers, representing 19 law firms from four different continents. Namely, it was reported the presence of lawyers with offices in various countries and cities such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Sweden, United States (Miami, San Antonio, Washington DC) and Spain.

Studio Legale Tosato was represented by Giulio Ippolito and Natalia del Olmo Guarido.

The session held on Friday, June 3 was dedicated to the relationship of the network members with various Spanish economic and legal institutions.

The works started with the welcoming of the participants at the representative office of the Galicia Region in Madrid followed by a meeting with the Madrid Association of Entrepreneurs of Galicia (AEGAMA).

The participants also had the privilege of visiting the Spanish Supreme Court and to be received by the Secretary General of the Spanish Bar Association.

On the second day the discussion was mainly focused on internal issues. The lines of action of IURISGAL network for the year 2017 were presented and discussed among the lawyers present.

The works encouraged the development of relations between the lawyers of the various law firms by planning future meetings aiming at the consolidation of the relationship among IURISGAL members of different countries.